As I was watching the hit 2008 film adaptation of the broadway show of the same name, Mamma Mia!, a few days ago, I was struck by the truth embedded in the song “Money, Money, Money…” It really MUST be funny in a rich man’s world, and unfortunately, I’m not in it. After three full years at William & Mary, with my fourth (and final) imminently approaching, I am hoping to pass along my wisdom from not living in a rich man’s world to you, the young Tribe-to-be, who may be in the same situation as me.

After my freshman year, when my babysitting and swim coach savings had dried up, I was in a pickle. I had a job nannying, but I knew once the school year rolled around, I would need some funds, for things like sustenance, rent, etc. On the Student Happenings email, I came across a listing for a Video Assistant with the William & Mary football team. I emailed the contact, and I had the job less than a week later. Since then, I’ve held two more jobs at William & Mary, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Along with being a Video Assistant, I work at the Reeder Media Center (where I’m typing this right now) and I work as an Orientation Area Director for First Year Experience, meaning I’ll be seeing you, whoever you are reading this, come this August. These jobs range in pay, but they all hit a specific interest of mine. I love sports, I love video and audio equipment (check out my award-winning film, Gloria: Mime Unknown on YouTube), and I love Orientation, so I was able to get these jobs and fit them together both financially and on a resume. On a personal note, I don’t do well with too much free time. I need to have tasks to do and places to be in order to be productive with all my time. Anyone who knows me knows I can eat up some Netflix on a lazy Saturday, but come Monday, I need some things to fill my day. These jobs, which all are either seasonal or flexible, allow me to fill in my days the way I need them to. I know that if I have classes in the morning, I can head over to afternoon practice in the fall, or I can open up the Media Center in the mornings when I have my evening classes. I am given structure while allowed freedom, which has been very valuable for my wallet, my well-being, my social life, and my GPA.

If you’re not like me, and video stuff or Orientation isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other campus jobs. Take a scroll through this webpage: You’ll see job listings for all kinds of things, from IT to being an intramural sports referee to marketing internships. There are opportunities to be teaching assistants, research assistants, tutors, equipment managers, RAs, information desk assistants, if there’s a job you can think would be useful, William & Mary probably has opportunities for it.

One of the perks about on-campus employment is that everyone knows that you’re a student, and understands that academics are why you are here. I’ve often found that if I am feeling particularly stressed or even sick, it isn’t a problem to take a shift or two off and take care of yourself and your responsibilities. William & Mary ultimately wants to help you, and on-campus employment is just an extension of that.

I love my jobs, and I will miss them when I graduate. But, these jobs have also helped me to get a glimpse into the working world I (hopefully) will enter upon my graduation, and that’s a valuable asset that isn’t always guaranteed in the classroom. I think everyone can benefit from some sort of on-campus employment, so if you’re interested, reach out. Send an email with your resume and why you’re interested, and you’ll only go up from there. That’s all from me, but I’ll be seeing you guys real soon!

<3 Anna Campion

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